I have been a furniture builder and designer for 50 years.  Thats a lot of furniture and wood working ( my furnitue website is on the LINKS PAGE / Wildwood Fine Furniture).  My first run of CAJONS is 16.  Six large 19"H x 14"W x 15"D.  Ten small 18"H x 12"W x 12"D.  They include adjustable snare / sound hole is on bottom back / with 1/8" mahogany fronts and 3/16" oak back.  I have designed these CAJONS so all four sides are playable.  Snares work for front only.  These CAJONS sound GREAT!  All 16 of this series are made from many species of wood including antique wood.  Then finished off with a natural oil finish and natural wax.
These CAJONS are Mortse & Tenon construction.  Each is one of a kind.  Being a furniture builder and designer I believe these CAJONS make a great side table  making them have a double use (Please remove items from top before drumming).
Large Cajons / $450
Small Cajons / $375
For more information / 719.657.4757 or wwshcv7@gmail.com / Ask for Stephen