Wildwood Sounds Music Venue / Short Term Rental
Experience something different, Lodge in a Music Venue with all that music energy surrounding you and lullabying you to sleep.  A unique experience!!
Open for business...  Look up  'EVOLVE'  for Reservations or give us a call.
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 Listen and view some of the wonderful music we have hosted here at Wildwood Sounds now on Youtube: 
Wildwood Sounds House Concerts
So far: The Rifters / The Mitguards / Tommy Rocks / Dave Stamey / The Deer
Michaell Mandrell & Larry Tyrrell / AJ Lee & Blue Summit / Bruce Hayes
 Also take a look at: Youtube
My camping adventures so far in Utah, Arizona and Colorado and now into Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and back into Colorado.  The adventure continues...  Stephen & Hairy
Raven Trails / Truck Camping
Being from the valley and part of the Music Scene with Wildwood Sounds I have done my share of dealing with Bob Phillips and Lightshine Music.  I have in all my years not met a more incredible soul than Bob and we have become close friends with me having coffee with him every chance I get when in Alamosa.  Lots of things going on in Bob's world and he deserves the financial support we can give him and his family.  Please join us for this important event.  Bob and Lightshine Music is a BIG part of the music scene in the San Luis Valley... Stephen and Konnie